Dry nights

June 23, 2016
Dry nights

Dry nights… We’ve finally hit a milestone!

It’s taken some time but Jessica is finally out of Pull-ups at night time. I honestly thought this day would never come.

The problem with Pull-ups is they make them so attractive to the children, having Frozen characters or princesses on them. What would be the incentive in Jessica wearing boring knickers instead of them?

Well we decided to use an incentive chart, whereby if she had a dry Pull-up she would get a point on her chart and move up, resulting in getting a present which would be princess knickers at night time. I bought the five pack of knickers and put them in her draw so that she would see what she would be aiming towards.

We started the routine of Jessica having her last drink before bath time and going to the toilet after her bath before bed. Putting her Pull-up on we would then say, “Don’t forget to shout for mummy and daddy if you need the toilet”.

In the morning all we heard was Jessica shouting, “I’ve got a dry Pull-up.” We would then reward her with a move up her chart and after having five nights in a row with dry Pull-ups we took the plunge and let her wear the knickers she so eagerly wanted  (making sure we had a waterproof sheet on the bed that she couldn’t see).

She woke up the next morning with dry knickers.

Jessica has now had ten dry nights of knickers and not one accident, I’m not saying it won’t happen but it is great that we can now save some money on Pull-ups and Jessica feels like a big girl going to bed.

To reward her, we bought her a new duvet cover and pillow set with her favourite princess on.

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