Growing up fast

July 18, 2017
Jessica and Chloe

The Honest Mother is back

Where have you been? Some might say. Yes, it has been a couple of months, well 5 to be precise!!

A lot has happened in the past few months which has made it extremely hard to write and post anything. My freelancing seemed to take up a lot of my time and if I wasn’t working I was spending quality time with the girls.

Juggling work and home life took its toll on me though and it got too much and I became ill for a few weeks. I am now working part-time permanently in an agency that I was freelancing in and

the balance has been restored.

I now know when I’m working, the girls now know when they’re in nursery and I have my evenings back with the hubby.

So what’s been happening…

Our first school choice for Jessica was accepted and she has had a few stay and plays/settling in sessions. We’re very lucky that she already has lots of friends in the year above, so I am pretty relaxed about her going. With only a month left at nursery, I am sure I will need to invest in a few boxes of tissues. Jessica will have her nursery graduation at the end of August. She’s been there since 9 months old and I’m sure there will be tears all round.

September will be an emotional time. Jessica has grown into such a lovely little lady who is caring, kind and eager to learn. She keeps on trying on her school uniform which is so sweet.

I’m sure when Jessica starts school it will be a new juggle but at least it won’t be such a strain and I will at least have a bit of structure.

Chloe is now 2 and talking and you can make out certain sentences and understand what she wants. She is a mini version of her sister and just wants to be a mermaid or princess, whichever Jessica is on the day. She is forming her own little character and is great fun to be around.

We’re approaching the dreaded ‘potty training’ time. I think I’m trying to put it off as long as possible. Well at least until after Jessica starts school. Her cot sides came off recently and she has been so good about having a bed. She’s always so excited about going to bed and showing family members her new bed. Now to get her sleeping for longer and we shall have a happy mummy. She is growing up fast and will miss her sister when she goes to school.

How do you find juggling your career and looking after kids?

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