Little Robot Bath Toy Storage

September 8, 2016
Little Robot Bath Toy Storage

I was recently asked to review Little Robot Bath Toy Storage. The review is my own honest opinion.

Storing your children’s toys in the bathroom is always an ongoing battle. Like me, you’ve probably purchased those bath tidy nets cheaply off of the internet. Yes they are great for the first few days but then you get tired of picking the soggy net out of the bath, along with its mouldy odour, the stitching comes loose and eventually it breaks.

So it was coincidental when I was asked to review this new Bath Toy Storage by Little Robot.

Brightly coloured in green and pink, it is very appealing to children. As soon as I took it out of the box the children came over to see what I was doing in the bathroom.

It reminds me of a ladybirds back due to having holes for spots and a wing join down the middle.

The holes are great for draining out the water and it has an additional opening at the bottom too, which allows water to be drained out once the wet toys have been put in.

The handle is firmly attached which means it is easy to lift off of its suction cups.

The girls were keen to use it at bath time and it acted as a great game for them to see how many bath toys they could put away. Bath time tidying has now become fun and not a chore.

Additionally it acts as a great scoop to remove items from the bath water and all of the water is drained away instantly.

Little Robot Bath Toy Storage

It’s key features are:

  • NEW DESIGN: the new improved shape, combined with an extra suction cup, means it’s now even easier to stick to the wall or bath!
  • QUICKLY TIDY TOYS: quickly and easily tidy away toys after your child’s bath. Just scoop out the toys and hook the holder onto the wall mounted suction cups
  • NO MOULD OR MILDEW BUILD UP: perfectly designed to allow all excess water to drain away quickly and easily, unlike some other storage nets which allow mould to build up
  • DURABLE: made from polypropylene which is extremely durable, child safe, and waterproof
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: 100% money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your product


You can purchase this item through Amazon, click here.

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