New Butterfly Tattoo

August 24, 2016

I had been thinking about having a new tattoo for a couple of weeks. I wanted to design something that would represent my two girls births and also look visually great on my body.

I chose a blue morpho butterfly which is from venezuela. I saw these beautiful creatures when I canoed down the Orinoco near Angel Falls and fell in love with them instantly. I wanted the girls birth dates two but I didn’t want their names, so I chose roman numerals to represent both my children’s birth dates.

Butterflies mean new life and new birth, so this seemed to me like the right tattoo to design.

Having had two tattoos before I needed to make sure that its position was right. I couldn’t have it on my back as it would look unbalanced with my Capricorn and I didn’t want anymore on my arms. Ideally I wanted it on the side of my ribs but was told by my tattoo artist this would hurt too much, so I settled with the top of my thigh.

Did it hurt? Well yes but after a while it just went numb and I was able to forget the pain.

Does it hurt more than child birth? Don’t be stupid!

Am I happy with it? I couldn’t have had anything better to represent my children.


Do you have tattoos that represent your children? What did you have done?


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