Nurture Immunity Fruity Water

January 3, 2017

I was sent two flavours for my own honest review.

NURTURE Fruity Water+ Launches Healthier Children’s Drink (With Lower Naturally Occurring Sugars) To Support Little Ones’ Immunity

NEW Nurture Fruity Water+ – the first functional drink of its kind – has launched in the UK, targeted specifically at young children (from 1 year) with added nutrients to support immunity and lower naturally occurring sugar.

As you can see, my eldest loved the flavour and this one was her favourite.

Being a healthy parent and always on the look out for better ways for my children to have the right vitamins and healthy choice of drinks and food, I was quite excited for my daughters to try out this new drink.

Not only does it contains 7 key vitamins but also incorporates Wellmune Technology to support children’s immunity. The fruity flavours are a big hit with them and as they are in the easy sip pouches which now have a no-mess spout, you can quite happily leave them to hold and drink them on their own.
Nurture Fruit Water

Available in TWO delicious flavours: Cherry & Strawberry and Orange & Pineapple, Nurture Fruity Water+ is made with 45% natural juice and 55% water, as well as nutrients that support immunity, bones, and teeth (scientifically proven with EU health claims).

Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, Nurture Fruity Water+ was created for busy families to support children’s immunity as they begin to explore, with the help of our curious baby elephant Firsty to join the adventure! We’ve replaced sugar with delicious flavours that kids love, and found that they don’t miss the sugar since the fruity tastes of our natural juices are so satisfying.

Nurture Fruity Water+ contains only naturally occurring sugars from the delicious fruit we use in our recipes. Just one teaspoon of sugar per 100ml – that’s a small fraction of what’s found in regular fruit juice and smoothies.

Nurture Fruity Water+ contains no added sugar and less than 1 teaspoon of naturally occurring sugar per 100ml, making it exempt from the upcoming UK sugar tax relating to unhealthy sugary drinks. What’s more, it is school approved, and offers the UK’s first mess-free pouch for on-the-go convenience.

Nurture Fruit Water

Both of my daughters enjoyed the two tasty flavours and I found it hard to take the pouches off of them, even when they were empty!

Nurture img_1151About

Nurture is the story of parents Lucie and Derek Sanders. With three children of their own, they were on a mission to create a children’s drink that not only tastes delicious but is healthy, thanks to its natural goodness. Driven by a firm belief that if children consume less sugar from an early age, they will be less inclined to develop a ‘sweet tooth’ and more inclined to make healthy consumption choices later on, Lucie and Derek have focused on flavours that kids love. Nurture Fruity Water+ is all about nurturing our little ones’ healthy habits for life. Out with sugar, and in with flavour!

Find out where you can purchase your Nurture Fruity Water+ by clicking here.

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