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June 6, 2016

Purrfectbox sent me selection box of treats for my honest review.

As well a having two gorgeous girls, Sammy our female cat has been part of our life since she was 1 week old. Having to now share the house with a baby and three year old over the last few years has been tough on her and she certainly hasn’t been given as much attention as she deserves.

When I was asked to review a Purrfectbox which would be filled with goodies for Sammy to be pampered with, I certainly agreed. After all, Sammy was our first furrbaby!

Purrfectbox Purrfectbox

As soon as the box arrived and was put on the table to open, Sammy suddenly appeared from the bottom of the garden and jumped up to sit next to me. The smell of Catnip must have been oozing from the toys inside. Both our daughters were also intrigued and couldn’t understand what had made our ‘normally docile cat’ so excited.

In the box Sammy received:

  • Hello Kitty Bowtastic Litter Tray Liners
  • Catnip Egg
  • Treat Bag
  • Trixie Dentinos
  • Good Girl Catnip Biscuits
  • Dental Toys
  • Kitties Adventure Dangling Frog

Sammy fell in love with the Catnip Fried Egg straight away and wouldn’t let Chloe anywhere near it. When she got near, Sammy would gently pat her away and I think that Chloe actually got quite jealous of the amount of attention Sammy was suddenly getting.

Jessica my other daughter who rarely has any interest in our cat, was very quick to want to open the toys, to Sammy’s delight. I honestly think that she felt like a kitten again, chasing the children with the dangling frog around the house.

Sammy really enjoyed her treats and for the first time Jessica held her hand out to give a couple to her. They really did go down well and I really felt that the kids saw Sammy as more of a family member, although our inquisitive crawling baby thinks Sammy is a walking bear that needs bundling.

Sammy and the children now play together and I really can’t thank Purrfectbox enough for making our cat feel so pampered and also for the bond it has brought with our furrbaby and children.

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Purrfectbox is a monthly cat goodies surprise box full of healthy treats, accessories and toys customised depending on your cat’s size, breed, age and your own preferences. They’ve got different subscription plans, so take a look and see which one suits your furry friend.

If you don’t have a car but have a dog, you can also get your hands on a pawsomebox.

Let me know what your furry friend thought of their box.

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