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Something that is so natural is so hard to do

September 6, 2014

Before having Jessica I really didn’t know how I felt about breastfeeding, I wasn’t sure if I would take to it that well. Would it hurt, is it hard and how would I be out in public.

I did however embrace it once she was born and ended up going on quite a journey to do so.

Once Jessica was born the delivery suite midwife asked if I was going to do breast or bottle. I chose breast and she put her on, I assumed she latched properly as the midwife didn’t comment. Whilst in hospital I fed her (or so I thought) and was soon discharged to go home.

The first night was probably the hardest and emotionally draining my husband and I have ever had together. We had both had no sleep for a good 48hrs and that evening Jessica started coughing up blood, my nipples were starting to become so sore and I couldn’t cope with breastfeeding. It just hurt too much. We decided to phone up a Midwifery Unit half an hour away to see if they could help me on the feeding. So driving very carefully and nearly hallucinating from lack of sleep we arrived at 2:00am and they were ever so helpful to get Jessica to latch on properly. She had basically been a vampire for the first couple of hours of her life! Taking on her first bit of milk from me was such an overwhelming feeling and I knew I wanted to try my hardest to carry on breastfeeding and it was right for me. The Midwifery unit let us go home after a couple of hours but I still felt uneasy if I was still doing it correctly, so the next morning we went back there and they offered for me to stay the rest of that day and night and get a good hot meal or two in me and some sleep whilst they looked after Jessica. I can’t thank them enough for sitting with me for every feed to see that I was getting the technique right and by the next day I had cracked it; well in the chair in the unit, with their pillow, in their environment.

Breastfeeding Chair

Getting the right seating position, feeling comfortable and relaxed at home proved difficult, so we researched the best chairs and cushions. Ikea seem to be best value for a chair and John Lewis for their v shape cushion; both had a lot of good comments.

Click here to see the Ikea chair and here for the V-Shaped Pillow.

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