The precious moments

August 10, 2016

It’s been a while since I last blogged as The Honest Mother.

There are many reasons to be honest; working, feeling tired and time being the main reason.

Spending the majority of July working as a Freelancer in lots of different companies, I decided that had to take priority. When you work for yourself you have to grab the work while you can as you just done know what the upcoming months will bring you. Working freelance works out really well with the girls as I get to see more of them and have more flexibility being my own boss. Even if it is risky not know knowing when you will work next!

Time is so precious before they start school and there are special moments at this age that you’ll never get back again. So rather than blogging about what we’ve been doing, I thought my time would be better spent actually enjoying my time with them.

imageWe’ve had a great few weeks together and to name just a few things, we’ve been to the coast, had lots of parties, been on lots of woodland walks and visited lots of parks. I’d be surprised if there’s not one locally we haven’t been too!

We have a trip to the seaside coming up near Jessica’s birthday which we are all excited about. We’re going to visit a place that the hubby and I used to go to lots before the children. Lots of new memories to made there.

Jessica has come on leaps and bounds with her swimming now and is down to one float in the pool.

We are starting to have a think about what school we would like her to go to next year. There are a choice of three locally, so I’m sure that will be quite emotional going to them and then realising that my little one isn’t so little anymore!

Chloe has come on leaps and bounds with walking and her communication skills. She is growing up so quickly and just wants to be like her older sister, getting very frustrated if she can’t do something.


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