Tuck n’ Snug review

April 26, 2016
Tucknsnug Duvet and Pillow

Tuck n’ Snug recently sent me a bedding set to try out with Jessica. My thoughts are my own and are an honest review of the product.

I’m not sure about you but I for one have a 3 year old that moves around a lot in their sleep at night. In turn, pushing their duvet off in the middle of the night and waking either myself or my hubby up to go in and put it back on as she is cold.


It’s bad enough that we aren’t getting much sleep because of a teething baby, so when Tuck n’ Snug sent me their Tuck n Snug toddler duvet cover and pillowcase set, I couldn’t wait to see if it would help with giving my husband and I more sleep.

TucknSnug Kitty

I was sent the girl version with ‘Kitty’ the cat embroidered onto the front of the pillow and duvet. The bed linen is made in Britain and is 180 thread count, 50/50 percale polycotton – making it feel super soft and cosy.

The bed linen comes with a 3-step guide on how to insert your duvet and pillow into the Tuck n’ Snug and how to tuck the flaps to ensure the duvet and pillow don’t fall off of the bed. On the reverse of the instructions is a secret colouring in picture for the child to do, which is a great idea, as the back is always blank and thrown away.

The pillow comes with two flaps on either side and the duvet comes with three, one on every side except the top where your child would get in.

It has been designed so that the child has easy access and can move around without feeling squashed and pinned down.

Tuck n SnugFirstly, you put the pillow case on your pillow as you would normally and then with the extra left and right flaps, you tuck them under the mattress to secure the pillow in place.

Tucknsnug Pillow Tucknsnug Pillow folded

Next you put your duvet into the duvet cover and ensuring that all flaps are hanging over the edge of the bed. Then do the bottom of the bed first, making sure there is enough duvet cover for your child to pull over themselves. Once tucked under the mattress, tuck the left and right flaps under too. I loosened them slightly so there was a bit of give.

Tucknsnug Duvet foldedTucknsnug on bed

You hardly notice that the flaps are there and I know that Jessica didn’t even notice any difference to her bedding except the new embroidered character on the front.

To see this new concept in children’s bedding work, press play.

Jessica got into bed that night and saying, “Mummy the covers are very soft.”

My husband and I did the bedtime routine as we would normally and woke in the night to deal with a teething baby but no peep out of Jessica at all. The morning came and my husband had gone to work early and I woke up to hear that the girls weren’t stirring at all. In fact Jessica actually slept half an hour more that morning. Thank you to Tuck n’ Snug for sending me this product to review and for giving Jessica a better night sleep.

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