Whisbear – the humming bear

November 1, 2015

I recently received a Whisbear to review. This review is based on my own thoughts and by the pictures, you’ll see it really does work.

Delivered in a box and carefully packed, Whisbear arrived in his own soft bag which could double up as his home when staying somewhere else and to protect him or as a nappy container.


He comes with a device which goes into the Velcro head at the back. For once, Velcro that’s strong and won’t come undone when the child plays with it. The device humms and shushes imitating a hairdryer. It turns on with a push of a button and when your child is asleep the device automatically turns off after 40 minutes. It has a ‘Cry’ function, which starts the Whisbear shushing if the baby is restless too.

Furry grey with four legs, the bear is designed based on children’s drawings. It’s four legs are different colours, with one having a texture to it and each has magnets at the foot end of each to attach to the cot or a buggy or act as a weight to hang on the top bar of the cot. Similar to the ears, they make rustling noises which are good for the babies senses. The legs enable it to hang or sit wherever you choose.

Whisbear Whisbear Whisbear Whisbear Whisbear

I was a little worried about the shushing interfering with the monitor when Chloe was asleep and making it go off but as it is a continual noise, so it doesn’t get picked up, only the noise of Chloe stirring.

Due to Chloe being very restless recently with her teething I was grateful to be able to try something which could possibly sooth her back to sleep.

I used the bear on her lunchtime sleep; the one sleep I find the hardest to get her settled down. I put her down into her cot like normal and as usual she started to cry. (I think she’s having separation anxiety issues too.) I turned on Whisbear and immediately she stopped crying and turned to look at him and she smiled. She started making funny chatting noises and her hand reached out for him. After 5-10 minutes of heavy eyes she drifted off into her longest lunchtime sleep yet.

I left the room and when she did stir on the monitor,Whisbear obviously started up again shushing her and she had at least an hour or more sleep which was a welcome break.


I really wish we had known about this bear when Chloe was born, when she had trouble sleeping due to reflux. This would have soothed her to sleep I’m sure and given us better night sleeps.

Have a look at this video to see for yourselves how it works.

You can buy yours here.

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